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Aaron + Sandra | Wedding | Valdosta, GA

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Valdosta & Sparks, GA

The initial blog makeover is almost complete. To celebrate, I’m sharing my first ever wedding!

I booked this wedding after a referral from a former client, Ashleigh. Ashleigh is the mother of the adorable Adia. I had the pleasure of chasing her “little monkey” around with a camera a couple months ago. So big thanks Ashleigh! I owe you one! 😉

The bride, Sandra, is Ashleigh’s best friend. She and her husband Aaron have been married 8 years. The first time around, life got in the way and they weren’t able to have the wedding they longed for. With a big move to Germany looming (Sandra’s home country), Aaron and Sandra decided to throw the best send-off they could think of: a vow renewal wedding!

napkins, shells, beach, theme, wedding, sea, ocean, personalized, April, 2010, wedding

Sandra asked if I could come early to shoot her bridal party getting ready. It was just the bride, her matron of honor (Ashleigh), and Sandra’s ultra-cute daughter.

Sandra get her hair done, hair, hairstyle, wedding, stylist, salon

makeup, mascara, wedding, stylist, makeup artist, bride, getting ready, big day

Sandra gets makeup, eyeshadow, makeup, bride, wedding

Think I’m over doing the “ultra-cute” daughter bit? Well take a look at these funny faces and tell me that kid isn’t adorable!

Naima makes funny faces, little girl, mixed, bi-racial, flower girl, curly hair, green eyes

Naima admires herself, mirror, makeup, flower girl, girl, child, wedding, mom, bride

When Sandra first married Aaron, she wore little rosette pins in her hair. She brought them for her flower girl daughter to wear as a nod back to their original commitment. Maybe there’s a tradition beginning with these in the Wilson family?

hair flowers, pins, hairstyle, wedding, heirloom, child

The ceremony was held in Aaron and Sandra’s church. The bride got ready in the nursery. Here are some of the details. That gorgeous seashell broach? Sandra found it laying in a pile of old, ugly jewelry at a flea market. It was only $6 and fit her beach theme and dress perfectly. She says it was like God gave her a special little treasure for her big day.

details, bride, dress, strapless, shells, broach, shoes, strappy, heels

Aaron and Sandra have two of the most beautiful children I’ve ever set eyes on. I can only hope my husband and I have kids as cute as these two!

The Wilson children, brother, sister, kids, wedding, children, child, mixed, bi-racial

Sandra and Aaron’s wedding colors were ivory, brown, and orange. The lone bridesmaid/Matron of Honor carried a bouquet of orange daisies.

bridesmaid, daisy, flowers, bouquets, orange, dress, white, wedding

The groom, Aaron, gets ready. He looks just a little nervous, no? 😉

Aaron gets ready, nervous, groom, bout, mother of groom

And then suddenly it was time for the ceremony! Because this was my first wedding, I was extremely excited/nervous/anxious. It was sort of similar to the way I felt on MY wedding day. Only, the ceremony went by quickly on my wedding day, but it went by 1000x faster as a photographer!

wedding, ceremony, altar, hands, holding hands, speech, vows, bride, groom

And just like that, Aaron and Sandra were married….AGAIN!:)

ceremony, altar, hands, holding hands, vows, wedding, bride, groom, newlywed, interracial, daisy, orange

The Wilsons had a relaxed and intimate reception. They ate dinner at two large tables decked out with seashells and candles.

chalkboard, table, settings, theme, wedding, shells, beach, seashells, candles, place, cards, escorts

table, setting, flowers, bouquet, daisy, candles, place, theme,  shells

guestbook, love, we love you, guests, wedding

I am absolutely in love with their cake and its presentation.

cake, beach, theme, wedding, brown, shells, sea, ocean, seashells, mirror, Two Friends Cafe, bride, groom, newlyweds, cake stand, dresser, two-tier, ivory

food, meal, guests, Two Friends Cafe, Valdosta, Georgia, wedding, dinner, place, table, setting

food, salad, Two Friends Cafe, Valdosta, Georgia, wedding, dinner, place, table, setting

I love how Aaron and Sandra’s son is staring down that cake. I overheard him at the kids’ table talking about wanting a piece!

cut, cake cutting, cake, wedding, bride, groom, newlyweds, beach, shells, two-tiered

cake, cutting, eating, feeding, bride, groom, laugh, newlyweds

cake, cutting, eating, feeding, bride, groom, laugh, newlyweds, kiss

At the end of the night, Aaron and Sandra drove away in this bad boy:

limo, hummer, stretch hummer, glasses, champagne, wedding, lights, interior, fiber optics, red carpet

Congrats Aaron and Sandra! I know you left yesterday for Germany and I hope your family had a safe trip! Thank you so much for taking a chance on me and letting me be your photographer.:)


Hair & Makeup – Serendipity Hair Salon – Valdosta, GA

Church – Cornerstone Christian Church – Sparks, GA

Reception – Two Friends Cafe – Valdosta, GA

Limo – Unique Limousine Rental – Valdosta, GA

  • Lauren Sizemore - Great Job, Leilani. It was a beautiful ceremony.ReplyCancel

  • Nicole - WOW OMG! I am so excited for you. You did a FAB job on your first wedding!!!! This is just the beginning of many more wonderful images.

    I really love the portraits of the children. You are right they are some of the most gorgeous little people I have ever laid eyes on.ReplyCancel

  • Mandy - These are fantastic! You did a great job and you are very talented!ReplyCancel

  • Brittany - Lani you did an amazing job! I’m so proud!! The pics are wonderful!ReplyCancel

  • Perfume - Wow! You have a great eye!!!! You captured all the subtle details and it makes me feel like I was there. Great job!ReplyCancel

  • Elle - Thanks ladies! Your words mean a lot to me. Love you all!

    And Perfume, I it means a LOT that you say I captured the details. You’re like the detail QUEEN! LOLReplyCancel

  • Mariko - You are off to a great start Leilani! That little girl is A.DOR.ABLE!ReplyCancel

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  • Sandra - You are the greatest! Those pictures absolutely rock! I’m so glad you came. U made me look good ;))))ReplyCancel

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