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Terence + Brittnee | Engagement | Pearson, GA Wedding Photographer

The first of the year was a crazy time for me. I had just returned from a skiing trip in the northeast and finished

Derek + Cortney | Engagement | Adel, GA Wedding Photographer

Sometimes you don’t need words to describe how much fun a couple has in each other’s presence. I feel like

Waylon + Sarah | Engagement | Adel, GA Wedding Photographer

*Lesigh* The way Sarah looks at Waylon! Or how one of the first things Waylon told me about Sarah was how he couldn’t

Joe + Kala | Engagement | St. Augustine, FL Wedding Photographer

I am back from another blog sabbatical! This time I’m armed with 5, yes…FIVE, blog posts in queue. So

Elle Golden Photography in Review | 2012 Weddings Part Two | Georgia Wedding Photographer

Now that you’ve seen half my weddings from last year, it’s time to wrap up the 2012 recap with the other

Elle Golden Photography in Review | 2012 Weddings Part One | Georgia Wedding Photographer

Whew, I didn’t realize how many fabulous weddings I photographed in 2012 until I began compiling images for this

Elle Golden Photography in Review | 2012 Engagements | Georgia Wedding Photographer

Yeeeeah…I’m going to just skip the part where it’s been EIGHT MONTHS since this blog got updated.

Russell + Shay | Wedding | Thomasville, GA Wedding Photographer

One of the good things about being so far behind on the blog is that I get to update you on what’s happening in

Matty + Maria | Engagement | Roswell, GA Photographer

Before I start this post, let me announce the winners of our Starbucks gift cards! I originally planned to give out

Michael + Meg | Wedding | Atlanta, GA Wedding Photographer | Part II

When we left off in Part I of Michael + Meg’s wedding, they’d just boarded the Tech Trolley to their

Michael + Meg | Wedding | Atlanta, GA Photographer | Part I

Whenever I have the chance, I love to second shoot weddings. It gives me a creative license to shoot in a way I

Tim + Christina | Engagement | Atlanta, GA Photographer

So, I may or may not have left you guys hanging since April with this next one. But I actually have a good reason for

Erich + Sarah | Wedding Rehearsal Dinner | Atlanta, GA Photographer

Wow. I sat down today and made a list of the manymanymany posts I need to blog. I’m rapidly finishing up my

Brittney | Bridals | Thomasville, GA Photographer

You guys have no idea how excited I am to share these! Brittney and Mikey just got married a couple weekends ago, so I

Featured: Elizabeth Anne Designs | Georgia Wedding Photographer

Okay, I’ve been doing some serious happy dancing around my house today. Why? Because I had my first big feature

Mikey + Brittney | Engagement | Adel, GA Photographer

They met in high school. He was a senior and she was the cute freshman cheerleader. The cute freshman he couldn’t

Tyler + Dana | Romantics | Savannah, GA Photographer

Remember Dana and Tyler’s adorably whimsical Savannah garden wedding? Well the day after they said “I