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Kathleen + Mychelle | Atlanta Botanical Gardens + World of Coke | Atlanta, GA Portrait Photographer

I cannot believe it’s already been over a week since I dropped my Cali cousins, Kathleen and Mychelle, off at the airport for their return flight home. I had the absolute best time showing them around Atlanta, catching up on how family back in California are doing, and sharing in our common interests. Their week flew by quicker than I could ever imagine. From the moment we met at the airport, we all hit it off. We would spend the next 7 days staying up late laughing and giggling and we swapped stories like little middle school girls. The bond we have is truly indescribable.

Because we stayed up so late every night gabbing, it was quite the task to get us out of the apartment at a decent hour every day. We missed our noon Braves game thanks to that plus their jet lag, but we hit up Midtown’s Tin Lizzy for some great food to make up for it. The next day we planned to tour the Georgia Aquarium, but thanks to its odd closing hours, we opted on World of Coke instead so we wouldn’t feel rushed.

It’s been about 10 years since I’ve been to the World of Coke. It’s completely different now so I had fun with the new experience. My favorite part was the Vault. The little drawers that whispered to you creeped me out!

Both Kathleen and Mychelle are big American Idol fans, so we had to get a photo on this couch featured on the show!

Then it was off to the bottling and tasting rooms. Poor Mychelle accidentally tried the Beverly version of Coke! She could only describe it as “nutmeg water”. I knew better from my previous visit and my Epcot Coke tasting fiascos!

We worked up quite the appetite walking around the World of Coke, so I took them to another Atlanta staple: The Varsity. The best way to describe their food? The greasiest, nastiest, BEST fast food in Atlanta. If you ever go, don’t forget to grab a Frosted Orange and a free souvenir hat!

Mychelle picks on her mom because Kathleen sometimes doesn’t know what to do with her hand in photos. We called it the “T-Rex” hand but quickly found out it’s a family thing! We kept catching each other unknowingly do it the entire week! So we decided to start making fun of each other and posing with the T-Rex on purpose!

Mychelle and Kathleen took a short break from Atlanta to attend my niece’s graduation and meet more Georgia family down in south Georgia. When they got back, I had special Georgia-themed gift bags waiting for them. My favorite part was the necklaces I ordered with California and Georgia charms for us to wear and always think of each other. I also gave them a gift card for a mini mother-daughter session with me during their visit!

Thanks to a couple friends of mine, we got our hands on some free passes to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens during their visit. It was a great time to go since it was the first time the “Imaginary Worlds: Plants Bigger Than Life” was in the United States! I took advantage of our trip to the gardens as the perfect opportunity to photograph my cousins. I even snuck in a quick picture of my friends Matt and Michael (brothers) for them to send to their mother!

I just had to end on another fun one of the T-Rex!:)

Mychelle + Kathleen,

You’ll never know how much you two mean to me. I can’t believe we’re separated by an entire country’s length, but I know you’re both only a text, tweet, FB post, or phone call away. I am so grateful we were able to connect and even more grateful you thought a visit to see me was worthy of your time. I cannot wait to return the favor and fly out to see you two (& Kristina!) later this year!

Love you always,


“Distance is just a test to see how far love can travel.” ~ Unknown

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