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Kids (and a couple puppies) on a Bridge

I am so excited to present my first photo session ever!

As soon as I got my dSLR, I asked my sister if I could practice on her beyond adorable little girls. Of course, she said yes! But I got 4 for the price of 3 because we held the session in Valdosta. My brother lives in Valdosta and let his daughter Abbi join us for the fun. And so did a couple of my brother’s puppies! And some balloons! I promised my siblings I’d take good care of their kids and return them safely. I couldn’t say the same for the balloons… 😉


DATE: Sunday, February 21, 2010

LOCATION: Valdosta, GA

SUBJECTS: My beautiful nieces Autumn, Abbi, Haleigh, & Morgan

Click photos to enlarge.


vintage child teen close up


vintage child extreme close up


high contrast black white child head shot close up


jump dress kid teen

Playing with the shutter speed to freeze motion. Autumn has some ups!

child standing

Don't step on the crack or you'll break your mama's back!

sitting criss cross Indian style

Criss cross applesauce!

sunglasses on a kid

Her future's bright! ;)

puppy love kisses child

Puppy love!

child looking down vintage

Gorgeous Autumn. Growing into a beautiful young lady!

cowgirl boots pink

Pink cowgirl boots. A must have in every little girl's closest.

kid on a bridge cowgirl boots spin child

Spinning in circles.

child dress flower bow bridge vintage

Cutie pie.

balloons bridge vintage child girl


cowgirl boots bridge girl

I'm looking for these in a women's size 8.

puppy pit bull blue eyes

Don't give me those puppy eyes!

sisters girls puppies vintage bridge


vintage girl teen tree portrait

Portrait of a teenager. I hope I get to take her senior photos!

hippie child vintage peace sign

Flower Power.

lost balloons tree blue sky

Oh no! Lost balloons!

upset child girl

Morgan was so upset! She asked if someone was going to get them down. :(

So, what do you think of my first attempt at a photo session? What is your favorite image in this series?

  • Amy - Great pics!! :) I love how you edited them.ReplyCancel

  • goldenphotography - Thanks Amy!ReplyCancel

  • abigail - omg.iloved thosee pictures.
    you are the best.
    but if only i had just as much pictures as everyonee else.

  • goldenphotography - Aww, Abbi! You’re breaking my heart! These are just a few of the ones I chose to feature on the blog. I sent 200 photos to Cecilia that includes MANY more of you! Maybe we can do a shoot with you and Christian next time so I can get more of you? Love you!ReplyCancel

  • abigail - haha i know i looked aat them pictures.(:
    and okayy when are you going to come and takee pictures.??

  • goldenphotography - I might be there this weekend. Are you going to be around? Maybe I can steal just you for a bit? :)ReplyCancel

  • abigail - haha that wouldve been funn if only you had camee yea i was there but you werent.(:ReplyCancel

  • abigail - heyy i have a couple pictures i need to show you mema said i needed to show you because you know how i like to take picture haah.(: i like them.ReplyCancel

  • abigailWelchh - heyy; can you put those pretty picturess that you took of uss;or you can always just send mee them and i can prent all them out for myself.(:ReplyCancel

  • abigail - ohh okay; what catagory are you going to post them under.?ReplyCancel

  • abigail - heyy i want to take pictures when i get older i desided because i am always takeing pictures; so i have made a website its not much right now because i just made it! it look along time for this brain to figure it out haha. well go check it out if you’d like.(: right herrrr—->

  • abigail - heyy sorry i keep writing on your web. and stuff but nevermind that last message i wrote i have another website. and i think you should look at it and tell me how much you like it its at then tell me what you think. kayy love yahh.(:ReplyCancel

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