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Monday Madness | Instagram + WPPI + Disney Housewives + Dr. Suess | Georgia Wedding + Boudoir Photographer

I’m introducing a new blog segment as part of my blog posting resolution/makeover. I often find myself discovering a whole bunch of interesting ideas, stories, inspirations–you name it–floating around on the interwebs and from real life experiences. I think back at all those fascinating things that have since escaped me because I didn’t save them in one comprehensive place. Pinterest is now helping me avoid that from happening anymore, but now it’s time to share what I find with you! It may not always be photography-related, but it will always be whatever strikes me as share-worthy. And because it might get chaotic at times–all over the place like my mind can sometimes be–I’m calling it “Monday Madness”.

Alright, shall we start?

*First things first, a sale on prints! I loves me a sale. From time to time, my favorite consumer lab hosts sales on their fabulous items. If you have a high-resolution DVD from Elle Golden Photography with a printing license, I highly recommend using for all your printing needs. Now through Wednesday, Mpix is having a half-off sale on their 8 x 10 prints! Can’t beat that! And 8 x 10s are versatile enough for both the wall and table/mantle frames. Stock up now before this sale is long gone!



*You may have noticed I’ve implemented a new “image voting” button under photos. I love love LOVE comments on blog posts, but if you’re too busy to leave one, I’d settle for a few image votes. I’m curious to see which of my images are most compelling to readers.

*One of the first things I noticed since getting serious with my photography was how I began shooting less and less for myself. I would only pick up a camera to photograph someone who paid me. I wasn’t burnt out on photography, just too busy to remember to document MY life. So with the start of 2012, I decided to take more photos for ME. And not only take the photos, but get them printed as well. I took this photo via Instagram on New Year’s day to kick off my personal project of a photo a day (iPhone or DSLR) and a line a day.

a photo a day, one line a day, album, print, photos, images, photography, Elle Golden, Instagram

*I quickly found a photo a day is waaay harder than it seems. Thankfully, Instagram users have come together to provide photo prompts and challenges. Here the March “Photo A Day” challenge if you want to follow along! Simply take a photo of the day’s prompt (get creative!) and use the hashtag #marchphotoaday plus that day’s prompt in hashtag form so other people can find your photos. If you want to follow my feed, visit my Facebook page or Instagrid.

March, photo, day, marchphotoaday, Instagram, Elle Golden


*As I mentioned earlier, I attended my 2nd annual WPPI conference this year. I will have a full recap from my week in Vegas, but for now (in the spirit of the photo of a day) I will only post a photo collage. All photos were taken with the iPhone 4S with Instagram filters. I think it perfectly sums up my week and tells a story I couldn’t possibly capture fully in words alone.

WPPI, clothes, suitcase, fashion, Delta, love, couple photography, plane, sky, clouds, sunset, fly, Las Vegas, Vegas, fabulous, Artisan, hotel, art, Lambo, Ferrari, exotics racing, snow, snowball, Flintstones, camera, iPhone, Instagram, challenge, image, Grand Canyon, mexican, food, Route 66, sunglasses, Hoover Dam, MGM, strip, lion, In-N-Out, burger, Luxor, desert, dry lake bed, shootout, Jabbawockez, shows, roomie, roommate, Bellagio, fountains, tree, entertainers, self-portrait, Planet Hollywood, Gallery nightclub, nightclub, party, friends, photographers, photobooth, Smilebooth, NY NY, Palms, models, boudoir, dare to dream, Boudoir Divas, lighting, shoes, casino, jackpot, diamonds, rhinestones, Prince, slots, Aureole, trivia, games, passion

Full Size HERE

*I’m a guilty pleasure fan of all the Real Housewives shows. I love watching them with a glass of wine and preferably while I’m soaking in a bubble bath (with the show streaming on my laptop precariously perched on my toilet). So when I saw this SNL skit, I just.about.DIED. Dear powers that be at SNL, please make this into a real show like yesterday. And just like I’ve already called dibs on Bethenny (RHNYC), Lisa (RHBH), Tamra (RHOC), Caroline (RHNJ) and Phaedra (RHATL), [eeeeverybody knows] I’m calling dibs on Cinderella and Prince Charming as my BFFs.

*As you probably know from Facebook, Dr. Suess’s birthday was this past Friday. My new friend Alissa shared this quote on her wall from the best author of all time (in my humble opinion). The quote comes from the book I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew which is about not running away from your problems. This quote really struck home with me because there have been a couple people in my life lately that seem bent on bringing me down. I’ve always been one to just run and hide, avoiding all confrontation or waiting for my feelings to bubble up and spew out in a completely childish way. Then there were my business problems. As you can see from my blog, I’m really far behind on posting. Some of my best work since learning new skills haven’t been shown past a few teasers on Facebook months ago. I felt like I was in a hole that kept getting deeper. I hadn’t booked as many weddings as I would have like by a certain point. I was still working a part-time job that was keeping me from booking shoots during the week or getting my editing turned around as quickly as possible. My computer crashed right before my annual Vegas WPPI trip, essentially wiping out my petty cash. The troubles kept coming, but the moment I read this quote, I knew I could conquer them.

Dr. Suess on facing up to adversity:

“I learned there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead, some come from behind. But I’ve bought a big bat. I’m all ready you see. Now my troubles are gonna have trouble with ME!”

Dr. Suess, big bat, quote, adversity, I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew


*Finally, I want to give you a sneak peek of what’s coming to the blog this week. It’s been a minute since I last posted a wedding, so you’re all in for a treat with this one! 😉

St. Luke

♥ Happy Monday! ♥


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