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Mother’s Day Specials | South Georgia Photographer

Spring has me all chipper – cleaning my house, finding reasons to be outdoors, and ready to celebrate the Kentucky Derby! But most importantly, Mother’s Day belongs to spring. A day we all get to shower our moms with much-deserved outspoken love.

“God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers.”  ~Jewish Proverb

Last year was a bit tough for our family. In October 2009, she found a lump in her breast that she kept secret during my wedding planning because she didn’t want to stress me out (silly girl!). Months went by, and my mom finally had it biopsied. When I got the call about my mother’s diagnosis of stage 2 breast cancer, my mind immediately raced back to the day my grandmother died. Grandma also had breast cancer (along with lung cancer), but she didn’t make it.

So I. broke. down.

But my mom? She wasn’t having any pity parties. Long story short, my mother, being the tenacious woman she is, went into the treatment process full force. She underwent a mastectomy and reconstruction and was in remission in a few short months. Looking back, I’m amazed at how incredibly brave and normal she was during the whole thing. And I am so very thankful that her cancer was caught in the early stages and that she had amazing doctors taking care of her. I look forward to many many more years of Mother’s Days with my mommy.

I hope you show your mom love every day. And even if you do, be sure to go that extra mile this Mother’s Day. We truly never know what tomorrow may bring.

A great, genuine gift is photography. My husband and I recently had our photos done professionally, and the first thing my mom said when she saw them was that she wanted her own copies. Moms LOVE photographs. They know better than anyone how quickly time flies and how a photograph can freeze a little piece of it.

That’s why I’m offering several specials for this Mother’s Day weekend through next Tuesday, May 10th. If you know a mom (or soon-to-be mommy), I encourage you to share this with her. Better yet, take advantage of these specials and gift that amazing woman in your life with a captured moment.


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