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Before I even moved to Atlanta, I knew what one of my biggest priorities would be. No, not seeking out Gladys Knight’s world famous chicken and waffles (although that got checked off the list pretty quickly). It was NETWORKING. Living in south Georgia really limited the amount of meaningful networking I could do. If you’ve ever lived in a small town, you know that phrase “everyone knows everyone”. It’s so true. Not that I don’t love my south Georgia connections, it’s just that I had outgrown so many other aspects of my photography. You learn quickly that owning your own business and working for yourself means the only advancements you can make are the ones you create yourself through hard work and fresh ideas. I craved more social interaction with my peers in the photography industry. It’s another thing a lot of you probably take for granted: co-workers. I needed to get out of my house and MEET people. Not just new friends, but new business relationships as well. And I wanted to learn. O-M-G did I want to learn!

Turning my apartment into a makeshift studio for a creative collaboration with Paper Rocket Picture Company. More from this shoot coming soon!

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Atlanta has stepped up in ways I could never even begin to fathom just 3 short months ago. With the start of 2013 I promised myself I’d attend at least one networking event a month. Well guess what? I’m averaging FOUR networking events a month. I probably only went to 3 social outings with photographers in the entire 3 years I lived in south Georgia!

My Atlanta group of photography gals meeting the amazing Katelyn James at April’s SMUG meetup. She wrote about our group HERE. Next month I get to hear one of my photography idols, Zack Arias, speak at SMUG!

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Most of you know I’m a self-taught photographer. If I ever run into a problem, I can usually find the answer via Google, the University of YouTube, or one of the many photography forums in which I participate. But there’s just something to be said of learning a subject in person. Many of these events have a topic or theme with a tangible take-away in the knowledge department. I’m so grateful for the willingness of other photographers to openly share what they know. I try my best to give back as well and have even started my own photography group in Atlanta that meets once a month. In fact, just last night we discussed film photography at our monthly meeting!

One of my film cameras. Another goal in 2013? Incorporating film photography into my business.

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iPhone photo recap of our April Atlanta photographer’s meeting by Noi Tran of Noi Tran Photography!

I’ve also had opportunities come my way I just don’t think would have been possible had I stayed in south Georgia. Like judging a high school photography competition…

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…or attending a crazy beautiful FAKE wedding full of inspiration…then being hand-picked to be one of their vendors for an upcoming event! (SO much more on this later!)

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If you ever feel like you need a change, I would advise you to CHANGE. Just do it! Maybe not as drastic as a move to a big, new city…but never limit yourself and your possibilities. I wasn’t happy were I was. Now I am.

I have Atlanta {and my own courage} to thank for that.

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