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Kyle + Emily | Wedding | Southern Colonial Knights Bed and Breakfast Adel, GA Photographer

My first official wedding of the year {I’ve already second shot 1 wedding earlier this season} didn’t begin

Abbi | Newnan High Prom | Centennial Olympic Park Atlanta, GA Portrait Photographer

I am an aunt 9 times over. 7 nieces and 2 nephews. Sometimes this blows my mind. Especially when I think of my oldest

Happy Mother’s Day | Atlanta, GA Photographer

This post will be short and sweet. It’s about my mother who has “put up with me” for 28 years and for

New York City | Film Friday | Atlanta, GA Film Photographer

I’m starting a new blog series so I can share a fairly new endeavor of mine: film! On Fridays (maybe not every

Blakely Rose | Newborn | Tift Regional Medical Center Photographer

Wow. What a Monday I had this week! It’s not every day you get to welcome a new addition to the family! And had

Monday Madness | Dogs on Things, Dorkiness, & Internet Fame | Atlanta, GA Wedding + Boudoir Photographer

Besides networking with fellow photographers, I’ve been busy making new friends in Atlanta since moving here in

SOOC Challenge | Middle Georgia Photographers Meet Up | Macon, GA Photographer

I recently had a fun opportunity to flex my photography “muscles” during a SOOC challenge. If you’re

Vu + Noi | Love | Atlanta Fair Wedding Photographer

Every once in a while, I give away a session out of pure selfishness. Yes, you read that right. I give away a session

Kyle + Emily | Engagement | Reed Bingham State Park Adel, GA Wedding Photographer

Emily and Kyle are such a fun couple. Always smiling and being playful, these high school sweethearts are simply in

Never Stop Learning, Never Stop Growing | Business | Atlanta, GA Wedding Photographer

Before I even moved to Atlanta, I knew what one of my biggest priorities would be. No, not seeking out Gladys

Terence + Brittnee | Engagement | Pearson, GA Wedding Photographer

The first of the year was a crazy time for me. I had just returned from a skiing trip in the northeast and finished

Monday Madness | Real Beauty, Inspiration, and Living the Dress | Atlanta, GA Wedding + Boudoir Photographer

Happy Monday all! It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these things, so let’s jump right in, shall

PASS Galleries | Business | Atlanta, GA Wedding Photographer

One of the biggest pains to me as a photographer is the delivery of the final, edited product. There’s packaging,

Derek + Cortney | Engagement | Adel, GA Wedding Photographer

Sometimes you don’t need words to describe how much fun a couple has in each other’s presence. I feel like

Waylon + Sarah | Engagement | Adel, GA Wedding Photographer

*Lesigh* The way Sarah looks at Waylon! Or how one of the first things Waylon told me about Sarah was how he couldn’t

Joe + Kala | Engagement | St. Augustine, FL Wedding Photographer

I am back from another blog sabbatical! This time I’m armed with 5, yes…FIVE, blog posts in queue. So

Elle Golden Photography in Review | 2012 Weddings Part Two | Georgia Wedding Photographer

Now that you’ve seen half my weddings from last year, it’s time to wrap up the 2012 recap with the other

Elle Golden Photography in Review | 2012 Weddings Part One | Georgia Wedding Photographer

Whew, I didn’t realize how many fabulous weddings I photographed in 2012 until I began compiling images for this