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Tyler + Dana | Wedding | Savannah, GA Photographer

They first became friends at a Halloween party, her dressed as Pebbles and him as a pimp. Despite insistence from a

A Few Frames | Landaverde Family | Maternity | Valdosta, GA

I’ve known Katie and Joaquin since high school. Katie and I cheered together and we were all on the soccer team.

A Few Frames | Daniel + Anna | Wedding | Savannah, GA Photographer

Wow, what a weekend! Not only did I prepare for and host a 4th of July party at my home in Thomasville, I also

Adam + Jackie | Engagement | Thomasville, GA

As a little girl, she always imagined the boy of her dreams would slip through her bedroom window while she slumbered

Ben + Jonna | Engagement | Sylvania, GA Photographer

They met in their high school’s rotunda, right beside the library. It wasn’t really love at first sight

Daniel + Anna | Engagement | Savannah, GA Photographer

They met during some of the most difficult times in their lives. Both were going through divorces and found comfort in

Two Frames: Ben + Jonna | Engagement | Sylvania, GA Photographer

She’s a quintessential “city gal”, into fashion and makeup. He’s a country boy, born and

Rob + Sandy | Elopement | Anthony Vazquez Workshop | Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

Alright people. This is easily going to be my craziest post ever on the blog. And I have celebrity wedding photographer

Featured: Stylist Kori Smith | Rock the Dress | Georgia Photographer

SKS (Stylist Kori Smith) of Atlanta featured my work on their blog today! It’s such a honor to be an inspiration

Francis + Ashley | Wedding | Valdosta, GA Photographer

The first thing she noticed about him was his eyes. He has one green eye and one blue. It’s funny because when

Russell + Shay | Engagement | Thomasville, GA Photographer

She met him just days after turning 16. Convinced to play wing{wo}man because her friend had a crush on his friend, she

Two Frames: Tyler + Dana | Wedding | Savannah, GA Photographer

They first became friends at a Halloween party. But she wasn’t interested in dating him because he wasn’t

Two Frames: Bella Signature Design Editorial Shoot | Wedding | Las Vegas, NV Photographer

I’ve been waiting 3 months to share this shoot with you guys…   …but you’ll have to do a

Mother’s Day Specials | South Georgia Photographer

Spring has me all chipper – cleaning my house, finding reasons to be outdoors, and ready to celebrate the

One Frame: Haleigh | Solo | Thomasville, GA

My niece is the cutest, sassiest thing ever. And well on her way to being America’s Next Top Model. Proof: More

Ryan + Katie | Love | Las Vegas, NV

I mentioned in my last post some of the challenges I faced while shooting in the Boneyard. The biggest challenge of

Andy + Teresa | Love | Las Vegas, NV

I’ve wanted to visit the Neon Boneyard since 2009. I planned to go there during my Vegas bachelorette party, but